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The 3M Project Global Initiative - Merging Ministries, Marketplace & Municipalities for Community Transformation is a faith-based operational platform that provides support to the ideology and technology of "Transformation Through Collaboration." Often, the most effective industries within a community are its Ministries or faith based components, its Marketplace or commerce/marketing hub and its Municipalities or governmental/legislative arm. Our Founder/President, Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw believes that "Agreement is the DNA of Partnerships," and supports the idea that when leaders find a common thread of agreement, there is a great possibility of unified resourcefulness and collaboration that give rise to productivity and prosperity for all. The 3M Project Agents/Ambassadors come from all walks of life within the Seven Mountains of Culture and Influence and serve their communities with diligence and determination to release the dynamics of purpose and progress. Many of our agents are recognized Ambassdors with iChange Nations and Golden Rule International and other prominent organizations who work toward the betterment of humanity and the world. The 3M Poject strongly utilizes "Power Partnerships" which give opportunities for collaboration between persons or agencies, who together, are far more effective than they are singularly.


One of the key technologies within the 3M Project is the "Community Civility Counts Initiative," a dynamic program co-created and spearheaded by Charles Hughes - Executive Director of the Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw - Member of the Chamber Board of Directors and Chair of the Public Policy Committee. Both are members of Global Effect Movers & Shakers (GEMS) network. Corporate support was widespread and rapid, as municipalities, legislative bodies, attorneys, administrators, public safety leaders, libraries, school districts, corporations, community groups, churches, news organizations, media groups, private citizens and others began to see the value of this awareness campaign to stir public consciousness about the way we treat each other. It is also a segue into the development of positive governmental, corporate and social environments. The impact of such a movement quickly spread across the nation and abroad and the program was adopted by United Nations Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers of iChange Nations and Golden Rule International as a "grass roots" tool to spread their message of "the Golden Rule" to the nations of the world. Dr. Bradshaw and Charles Hughes were recognized in April of 2015 in a ceremony at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan where both received Golden Rule Ambassadorships and the the iChange Nations Distinguished Leadership Award. As the project developed further, they later returned to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in August of 2015 to receive the first issue of the President Girma Wolde-Giorgis Human Conservation Solutionist Award, named for the former President of Ethiopia. This award highlighted their efforts and policies that help develop and foster peaceful and productive relationships. This is now a matter of preserving the human ecosystems of the world through social change.


The 3M Project also utilizes the resourcefulness of other organizations and persons who are willing to form meaningful partnerships. The Blue Diamond Resource Group of GEMS Network is a collaboration of resourceful persons and organizations who work together to further the success of communities.


    Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw 

        Chairman: Public Policy Committee - Member, Board of      Directors - Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce


President - KCIA

Kingdom Congressional Int'l Alliance


Advisor of Ministry Affairs to the Ambassador at Large to Burundi, Africa - Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers






Global Peace Ambassador Media Coverage:


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Assistant Chief (Ret) Gary, Indiana Fire Dept

Fire Commissioner (Ret) Dolton, Illinois Fire Dept

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